Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sibling love

a common sight at home will be of the Zs teasing each other, picking on each other, sharing food + snacks, fighting over the same toy or a limb of mine, laughing together and if luck's on our (my) side, soundly asleep next to each other. oh so rare! but we hope still and cherish the two, three times that that actually happened.
here's a typical Z-sibs moment together ...

: that'll be her laughing, not crying :

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zubye said...

sonoknya Mrika tgk derang berdua ni.. nampak very close with each other. Auntie doakan u two will be forever like this k.. sampai besar can be best friend :-).. takmoh gaduh2.. takmoh buat mommy pening2 k..
Irfan dah asking for adik la mrik. Everyday ok! and he only want baby girl.. huhuhu.. he said.. if boy,mama kawan! huhu camne mama nak buat ni?? any 'sign' pun lum ada ni :-(