Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sporadic Shout-outs :: busy bee!

acrylics, paper, canvas, scissors, printer, Vaio, ribbons, count, package, deliver, sigh of relief ...
that is and would be me in these next few weeks till the end of May, at the soonest.

:: these stairs see my feet too many times in any given day! ::

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sporadic Shout-outs :: weighty issues

thought i'd start a new post/entry type.

sporadic shout-outs.

the spur-of-the-moment kind of thoughts, rants, cravings, ideas, pet-peeves, loves and the likes.

here's today's sporadic shout-out then ...

i swear i carry the whole (equivalent weight) of the Z-girl on my rear ... and that's WITHOUT even carrying the Z-girl!

feel free to participate and post your own sporadic shout-outs in your respective blogs, or simply post them in the comments that follow here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

what goes up must come down ...

quite literally, here.

a common occurance at home is of random objects taking rapid dives, or rather, forced throws and falls from the upstairs family room to the downstairs living area, and vice versa. something about throwing things that always fascinates kids, yes? nevermind that the Z-boy has to make trips up and down the stairs to enjoy this game, as often, he plays on his own. recently though, the Z-girl (no longer a baby, i say) has discovered the joys of this home play activity. yesterday, i was thisclose to losing my phone as she ever-so-cautiously took my phone and waved it threateningly over the void area.

when things fly a bit too often and one too many things fly almost all at once, i obviously join in the 'fun'. my voice flies few notches louder, trying to tame things down. in response just moments ago, the Z-boy had this to say "i don't know why Mummy ... it's not me ... it's just my skull telling me what to do ... my skull is giving me ideas Mummy". ahh ... right. okay, my son. not your fault. just your skull then. of course he meant his brain, his mind that's always churning ideas, yes.

do yours (darling young ones of yours) have clever ideas that their skulls feed them with? ;-)
do share!

Friday, April 10, 2009

to marry or not to marry ...

was tucking in Big Z to bed the other night. laid down next to him till he was dozing off. few moments went by then he woke up again and asked why i was still there next to him. said that i could leave and that he's fine and asleep already.
the following conversation then took place ...


me : but you're my favourite son and favourite boy .... i want to hug you a bit more

him : okay Mummy ... but you can go now. i'm sleeping already. see?

me : i know ... just a short while more. you go to sleep.

him : (mumbling away and still convincing me to leave him already!)

me : and soon you'll be a bigger boy .. and then when you're 10, maybe you'll say you don't want Mummy to hug you much already.

him : (restless in bed now) .... but i don't want to get married!

me : married?? you don't get married at 10!

him : yes ... but when i'm so big like Daddy ... i don't want to get married coz then you don't want to hug me.

me : (aaawwww ...) you don't have to get married so soon .. or you don't have to get married at all. BUT ... if you don't, you can't have kids. mummy married Daddy and Allah gave you and Zayaan to us. that's a good thing, right?

him : hmmm ... ok. yes. maybe i want to get married. i want kids also. but i don't want to get married now. only when i'm so big.


with that, he hugged me tighter and told me to stay till he falls asleep again. tee-hee ... i bought me extra hugging time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bali bliss ...

our short trip proved to be a good relaxing and family-bonding holiday. after my last trip there over 10 years ago, and seeing as the husband and kids haven't been there, we figured Bali would be a nice nearby getaway. we ventured out of our 'home' in Seminyak, to take in the sights elsewhere (Ubud, Nusa Dua and Kuta) and then spent the rest of the time doing not much else other than eat and swim. there's that guilt and regret now in me for welcoming too quickly and willingly the spread of food. this week now sees me looking very much the whale. (mental note to self: granted, it was a holiday away from home, but still ... some willpower to resist the temptation please!)

below, some photos from the trip then.

:: checked ourselves in here for 3 nights ::
:: ushered to our villa ::

:: our villa entrance ::

:: lounge ::

:: upstairs lounge ::

:: the pool ::

:: at Kori Ubud ::

:: of course, these 'friends' had to come along too ::

:: outside the villa's main door (and possibly my favourite photo from the holiday)::

:: walking along the Villa's pathway out onto the main street, Jalan Laksamana ::

:: gorgeous grounds of The Samaya, right across the street from our villa ::

:: morning walk along Seminyak Beach ::

great holiday. would definitely go back, but with the large number of very attractive hotels, resorts and villas, i'm sure we'd be tempted to spend our days and nights in a different one next time.