Thursday, October 29, 2009

the Zs at Big Lime ...

no excuses this time. i got to a point where i realised i just never was prompt and efficient enough to update this blog. each time i had a 'story' in mind to share, i got distracted by someone or something. kept putting it on hold, till finally last night i decided to 'pretty up' the blog's look a little. now that it's slightly more lively than was the previous layout, i may just be more inclined to update it as regularly as i did before (which was never all that regular to begin with).

will summarise the Zs' developments in this entry.
so. picking up from where i left you ... May, was it? talk about 'putting things on hold'!


: on Zarif :

: he's all of 6 years old now, attending his last month in kindie

: he'll start the big school come January ... it's the Mummy who's feeling anxious + excited, he's mostly just excited, especially now that his best friend's been accepted to the school too

: he's showing more sides of him that make me go "aawww ..." (even if just silently to myself), growing more independent by the day ... of course, with that comes a lot of "but i know it already, Mummy ... you don't have to keep telling me how to do it" moments

: he was in the hospital for 4 days, for severe dehydration + food poisoning + high fever back in June ... 2 weeks of bad health, was a real champ in the hospital though despite going to the loo over 20 times in a day! it was heart-breaking to watch, especially when he kept apologising for being ill, thanking me over and over for taking care of him ... (insert "aawww..." here)

: he's finally started his menagji class which he seems to enjoy ... granted, it's also a once a week playdate with his best friend

: had "the best birthday party ever, Mummy" when he turned 6 couple months back, where i indulged in planning + hosting a (very!) last-minute Transformers party for him

: he is his sister's biggest fan, but manages quite a bit of sibling fights + jealousy just the same

: has a few times asked me to have another baby, ".. because ... i already have a baby sister, i need a baby brother now ... so that i have 1 girl and 1 boy .. and then enough, Mummy. no more babies!"

: is starting to show some interest in football now .. pretty late, considering the Daddy's such a footie fan

: still eats anything and everything, and still is fussy with drinks .. only water, occasionally Milo or chocolate milk

: started to puasa this past Ramadhan ... though only puasa makan, he still drank ... and only for 3 days

some random photos of Zarif since May ...

: enthusiastic :

: focused :

: his 6th party :

: precious #1 smile :


: on Zayaan :

: she turned 20 months few days back

: as far as weight charts go, her current weight at 20 months is at the very peak of the curve ... healthy, let's just say *wink*

: she's got as much enery as her abang has, and then some!

: she's very alert + observant, which as a result can impress + amuse you and then annoy you soon after when she mimics every.single.thing you do, i kid you not!

: her vocab's pretty good though, dare i say ... she's definitely picked up language at a faster rate than the brother did at this age ... as much as i can recall now, some words + phrases she can say now include mummy, daddy, abang, nak, tak nak, no, ya, here, there, this, that, what's this, what's that, who's this, who's that, where's this, where's that, apa tu, come, open, tutup, cushion, bam (when she wants to lie down), baby, car, daw (doll), susu, te-gen (Vitagen), ball, shoes, duduk, take out this, u'oh, jatuh, tow (throw) bottle/botten, spoon, bowl, cat, eyes, teeth, tummy, poo-poo, Pooh, Emma (Elmo), bear, tees (fish), atok (my dad), nana (her girl cousins), ama (all maids), book, down, one, too (two), tee (three), kaiiss (five), teex (six), sebben (seven), A, B, tee (C), hewwohh (hello), bye

: she adores and idolises her big brother too much ... she'll follow his every move, making her quite good at the whole Transformers acts and poses and "boom-ing" of cars and such

: she fights considerably with the brother too, often bullying him ... the bullying is more her to him, rather than him to her

: she has very little toys ... after noticing her favouring everyday household objects (bowls, colanders, spoons, cups, books, boxes) more than she does pretty girly dainty toys, we basically haven't bought her that many toys ... but she does like them wooden puzzles and building blocks though

: besides her occasional reaction to extreme heat and certain foods with high egg content, she pretty much eats anything and everything ... i'm blessed, i suppose, having kids who eat anything, nevermind that it's almost constantly too!

: her current favourite cartoon characters will be Pocoyo, Elmo and Pooh

: she's very much her Daddy's little girl ... everytime he's out of town for work, she will almost immediately fall ill, leaving me with mad sleepless nights, he comes home and she's back to her healthy self ... it's weird, but according to my parents, i was just the same as a little girl; would be down with high fever when my dad went away for work, he gets back into town, and i'm fine again ... funny watching how your kid(s) inherit your certain trait(s)

: she'll be turning 2 in 3 months time ... this time last year, i was already busy preparing + making little bird things for her 1st BIRD-day party ... this year, i haven't done a single thing yet for her party, but have finally decided on a theme ... yay me! (more on this as i progress along with the party preparations)

some random photos of Zayaan since May ...

: observant :

: intrigued :

: meticulous :

: focused :

: precious #2 smile :

quite a 'summary' that was!


zie_naz said...

bravo! you updated yr blog.. hehehe. Cool. Interesting development of your big Z & small Z. Good job shall i say. Can't imagine how our 1st will be in primary school in January. After reading yr update, and since my blog has also been abandoned for few mths now, i decided to take 30mins to write some updates on my 2nd esp coz lotsa interesting things with him lately. And everyday I can always grin with Aqil's funny little behaviour, here and there. Alhamdulillah Allah has given me chance to spend time with my own children. May Allah guide us through to guide them in life :-)

mrika said...

Kak Zie : yay us! hehe ... will go read yours in a bit nanti. :-)
we shall keep each other posted come nxt mth in preparing them for the big school, ya. school uniform, shoes, bag, books ... ;-)and yes, despite my many rants + such, can't be more thankful to be able to watch their big + small developments take place. Alhamdulillah, indeed. :-)

zubye said...

Hi Mrika.. Finally the blog is updated... and i think this blog looks new lah.. with the new template.. betul tak?

Quite terkejut tgk Big Z coz nampak tinggi.. and so the big boy dah.. looks more matured now.. ye lah next year mau masuk primary school.. I always adore the way he talks with u.. esp everytime when u put in the FB status.. this boy really knows how to melt mummy's heart with his sweet words ha..

Oh.. the lil girl very close with daddy ye? sampai sakit2 kalau daddy dia jauh ye.. she looks so grown up too mrik.. sonok tengok anak2 membesar depan mata kan..

hee... dear, i still tak balas ur msg kat FB lagi.. very sorry.. but million thanks for being a very great supporter to me and EOG.. so terharu me tau! hmm.. act sometimes i don't how I did it.. plus i know there are lots more for me to improve.. but maybe sebab when i decided to quit my job last time, i have this in mind.. i want to be a photographer as my career.. at that time I act really didn't how far can I go.. but with passion and patience, alhamdulillah.. bcoz for me, happiness is the key to success. if you love and happy with what you are doing, u'll be successful insyaAllah. And I know with talent, gift and passion that u had mrika, u absolutely can do it too! All the best to u!

alamak so panjang this komen cam entry blog lak.. sori eh... too excited u update blog. ehhe
ok take care!