Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wisteria Lane, ours isn't, but Big Lime ain't that bad either ;-)

i've neglected this blog much too long. the last post was of the Z starting the big school. he's now on his year-end holidays having completed his first year in the big school. a year goes by too fast. and what a year this has turned out to be! i won't bore you with the details that has been my most eventful (not particularly happy events, mind you) year yet. maybe for a later post. when i get to it.


for now, i'll instead share with you a happy + pretty neighbourhood i came across. how fun blog-hopping gets!
this is Daybreak in Utah.

(all images via 6th street design school)
don't you just feel like packing your essentials, bring a loved one or two, or the whole clan (you might as well), spend some happy days there sitting in brightly-coloured homes, walking in pristine streets with the brightly-coloured homes + mountains in the background and all the while photographing your days there. picture perfect. looking at these photos, i drew a parallel to Wisteria Lane. it reminds me of The Truman Show's set too. both of which are crisp, bright, a little superficial, but happy all the same (ok, so maybe not quite in both instances, given their storylines, but in the aesthetic sense, they're pretty surbabia sets, yes?).

closer to home, here on Big Lime (street), there's the calmness + silence, albeit for the occasional cries + laughter from the youngest in the street (my Zs included, though to be fair, they may jusssst contribute a bit more than the other kids here *tsk tsk*), some random music from the back house, the knocking + drilling from some homes ready for their makeovers. it's not as pretty a street as the above neighbourhood in Utah, but it's liveable and mostly safe and clean. and most importantly, we're lucky to have great neighbours.

now, remind me again why i'm limiting my house to just plain white walls? what's stopping me (besides the husband's head-shaking + remarks, that is) from having mustard or taupe or even pink walls? there's the playroom i'm so keen on tweaking + adding colour to. think happy Daybreak houses ... maybe then i'll have the courage to turn this into a school holiday project.
what's your neighbourhood like? what's your holiday (dream) project like?
*on the Z front, he's fared reasonably well this first year. of course, there's still room for improvement, but it could have been worse too. so, chin up, and let's work harder + smarter next year onwards*


zie_naz said...

Salam Mrika! Hey, we've been too bz with them kiddos and life huh? :-) Our blog has been aside for long, hihi. btw good seeing u writing again, although once a while :-) I haven't got permanent neighbourhood as yet :P Will keep on finding one, as I'm moving again this year back to SG InsyaAllah.

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