Wednesday, January 6, 2010

have you had your cuppa?

sometimes, what does the trick is a simple impulsive act. not 'simple' in its literal meaning. rather, in the monetary and material sense of things.

the past couple of weeks have been rather hectic on my end. both emotionally and physically exhausting, putting it short. i've all sorts on my mind, and it's really been affecting my body in more ways than i can handle. but i'm still just riding it through, pretending it will all pass by soon enough. for starters, i haven't slept at night in almost a month now. if you call half an hour to an hour's nap at night (anytime from 8pm to 6am) sound sleep, then that i've managed to achieve. otherwise, i'm almost an insomniac, if i dare self-diagnose my current state.

at just after 2 in the morning couple nights back, not able to sleep yet again, and needing a little distraction (from work), i found myself in the kitchen dicing potatoes + onions + carrots + stirring in corn kernels + crabmeat + ground ginger + pinches of salt ... all to make this ...

... (my version of) sweetcorn + crabmeat chowder

stillness of the night, absolute silence with everyone else fast asleep. the cold of the air-conditioning, Desperate Housewives on play while i took a break from brushes + acrylics ... it was a good cuppa soup for one.

i say, anytime of day or night, indulge in a cuppa. if nothing or no one else puts a smile and that happy feeling in you, your choice of cuppa will. try it.


lyn said...

cant wait for the recipe...!!! :)

zubye said...

tengah2 malam kot bersengkang mata buat keja.. sambil2 tu boleh try recipe u ni.. hehehe..
thanks for sharing :-)